About us: World of Devotion

World of Devotion is a Religious e-commerce portal that offers the following services from India’s top Holy Destinations of India:

  1. Pre-book your own Puja or a Ritual at the Holy Destinations of your choice even before arriving and enjoy on ground “Cashless” services.
  2. LIVE and exclusive streaming of your own Puja or a Ritual from the Holy Destination, direct to your home (DTH).  Enjoy the pavitr Puja’s with your family, conducted by some of the Top Teerth Purohit’s of India (LIVE with you on a video call).
  3. Offer Prasad to India’s top Temples on your auspicious dates and receive back Box full of Prasad + sacred items, direct from the Temple to your home.
  4. Consult with some of the Top Acharya’s / Pandit’s (1000+ puja experience) of Haridwar and Banaras.  Discuss your problems with them to know which Puja or Ritual should be performed to eliminate your problems.3..

Some of our Leading Puja’s and Rituals are:

  1. Remedial Puja’s at Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar – Puja’s for Health, Marriage, Career, Wealth, Prosperity, Future, Children are some of the most important Remedial Puja’s.
  2. Shani Dev and Yam Dev Puja’s at Yamunotri Dham – Ideal location to worship Shani Dev and Yam Dev. Person who worships these Devas at Yamunotri Dham is always blessed by Shani Dev.
  3. Rudr Abhishek at Kedarnath
  4. Maha Abhishek at Badrinath Dham.
  5. Feed the Cows at Haridwar and Vrindavan – By feeding cows regularly, one can get rid of the Sins and attain Moksha or Salvation.
  6. Feed the Brahmans at Haridwar and Char Dham

Many more at Top Holy Destinations. Our Gallery of Puja’s and Rituals have helped hundreds of devotees to eliminate their problems of Life. Not even a single Negative Feedback received from our Customers in last 1.5 years of operations.

Our Acharya’s are Most Renowned with over 1000+ puja experience. They conduct puja’s with complete Godly Devotion and Vedic procedures (Vidhi Vidhaan).

Authentic and Pure Puja Samagri used for every Puja. Each item of the Samagri is checked thoroughly by our Acharya’s to ensure 100% Genuinety.

Acharya’s & Pandit’s, associated with us, use the “POWER OF THE ANCIENT VEDIC MANTRA’S” to attain the divine connect. This is done through correct pronunciation & tones (Mantra ucharan) through which the devotee benefits immensely to gain Divine cosmic energy.

We strongly recommend all our Devotees to participate by way of 100% “child like belief” without which nothing is possible. Offer your prayers with full faith & devotion without any expectations. Don’t offer pujas half-heartedly, or with doubts in your minds, it just won’t work. We cannot guarantee desired results, but, we ensure that your prayers do reach the deity through the spiritual powers of Mantras and the right Vedic procedure (Vidhi Vidhaan). Just offer your unconditional love to the Almighty and leave the rest to him.

We invite you with Folded hands to whatsapp or call us at 91-9910444856 anytime at your convenience.

About us: World of Devotion