Kaal Bhairav Temple Puja – Banaras (code:2061)


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This Temple is one of the oldest and most religious Temple of Lord Shiva. Dedicated to “Bhairava” – Kaal Bhairav which is the fierce form of Lord Shiva. It is said that even Death is afraid of Kaal Bhairav. Believed as the Kotwal of Creation (Chief Police Offer). Each and every living person, even Devas or Gods, need to take permission from Kaal Bhairav to exist.

People who pray to Kaal Bhairav are protected from all the problems in Life. People visiting Banaras have to visit this Temple before leaving else the Holy pilgrimage of Banaras won’t be complete.

Our Services-

  • Upon booking, our team would connect with you to understand your concerns and capture all the necessary details like Gotra and the Name of the ailing person and pass it on to Ganga Teerth Purohits for Shubh Muhuratof Puja.
  • LIVE Online Sankalp Puja for 10-15 minutes will be organized. It is recommended that relatives of the ailing person should be present on the Video Call and conduct this ritual.
  • After Sankalp, the Purohit would perform the rest of the Puja inside the Temple For & On behalf of the ailing person.
  • Personalized Video Byte of the Puja would be shared with you over email or Whatsapp.

Prasad Sewa would be shipped within 7 working days (only within India) –

  • Dry Panchmewa Prasad (Non-perishable)
  • Black sacred Thread to be tied on the wrist of the ailing person.
  • Kalava to be tied at the main entrance of home or office (to keep away the Evil spirits & Negativity from Life).

You can also call us at 91-9910444856 for any Query.

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