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World of Devotion’s Organic Cow Dung Havan Cups/Sambrani Cups (12 pcs) | Desi Cow Dung Dhoop Cups for Pooja- Jatamassi, Loban, Guggal (Cow Dung Havan Cup)

WANT TO REMOVE NEGATIVITY FROM YOUR HOME:- Pure herbal sambrani cup contains traditional Vedic Purifying Elements- sambrani powder, well-known to eliminate destructive energy and bring enthusiasm, confidence tranquility at home and work premises. The package contains 24 herbal cups. Each cup is 3.5 cm in width, and 2.5 cm in height and offers a long burning time of up to 35-40 minutes.

REMOVE VIRUS AND BACTERIA FROM YOUR AMBIENCE:- The havan cup is made up of cow dung- well known to eliminate bacteria and sambrani resin – good for removing viruses. The combination of both creates a vibrant, calming, and alluring aroma after burying the granules inside the cup, especially on rainy days.

MADE FROM REAL HERBS AND RESINS:- This premium sambrani cup is a great mixture of ancient Vedic rituals and old Ayurvedic scripts. It has cow dung, and unique desi herbs like jatamasi, nagarmotha, sambrani powder, and Desi ghee – creates an aesthetic atmosphere, increases oxygen, removes disease spreading invisible, and prevents vaastu dosha at your premises.
NON-CHARCOAL & CHEMICAL FREE:- Normal cups have major impurities like CHARCOAL- create xylene, POTASSIUM NITRATE, chemical scents, DI-ETHYL PHTHALATE, BENZENE & TOLUENE, which on burning releases a high quantity of hazardous polycyclic hydrocarbons, and SULPHUR DIOXIDE. This benzoin sambrani cup is completely natural and feels free any kind of chemicals stated above.

HOW TO USE:- Light the outer lid of the cup fully from all sides till it glows, as this cup is free from any chemical that triggers quick lighting.

BENEFITS:- This natural cup sambrani is specially designed to (1) Raise confidence, optimism, and cheerfulness (2) Freshen up the mind and body, lighten the mood, and relieve stress- anxiety. (3) Eliminate foul smell vibes.

SUITABLE FOR:- This natural sambrani cup is suitable for the afterbirth of a newborn baby, spiritual purpose, meditation, yoga, home air purification, daily puja & festivals at home.

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