Vishwakarma Puja


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Lord Vishwakarma Puja is done for the best productivity in factories safety of people working in plants.

  • All our Pujas are conducted at the Banks of the Ganga River, Har Ki Pauri, and Haridwar by our Ganga Purohit.
  • Upon bookings, we would ask for a few details, for whom the Puja needs to be conducted, through Email or Whatsapp.
  • We would share a short video & pictures as proof of the activity.
 World of Devotion wants to call out that we aren’t associated, Lead or represent ourselves with any Temples, Temple Trusts, Pandit’s, Pujaris, Teerth Purohits or any other religious community on this planet. We would also like to call out that we aren’t the manufacturer of any products or services, as prescribed or shown in our website. We are just a Stage or Platform that connects yourself (customers or citizens using our website) with those people or Religious organizations or Trusts who conduct Puja’s, Ritual’s and Consultations, on your behalf at Locations, as specified in www.worldofdevotion.com.

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